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How to make better outlines

2012-06-05 17:36:41 by Excalebar

How do yall do this,I have so much trouble doing this/
I use paint tool sai but i also have photoshop,any tips?

When i submit art

2012-03-15 18:27:02 by Excalebar

If i click the x next to sketch art does that make it so it comes up in art portal?

Haha i know this is overdone idea but sounds like good fun and practice,we were brain storming some ideas like what type of cigerates they smoke and such,btw any ideas on that?,also some ideas for the characters please haha

haha nyan cat

2011-10-10 20:40:37 by Excalebar

What do you think?
I wana know how good i am for a somewhat beginner.

haha nyan cat

I just got photoshop cs5

2011-10-06 14:02:16 by Excalebar

haha now to figure it out and crack open its secrets :D


2011-09-10 00:03:51 by Excalebar

I wana make a comic with my barbarian in it as a funny aggressive comic alebar/awstego

Getting better

2011-09-04 03:18:39 by Excalebar

Well i'm starting to get better at drawing with a mouse what do yall think haha and yes i know its kinda crappy but i mean for a person new to gimp and stuff. alebar/murder-r


2011-09-02 16:57:45 by Excalebar

Right now i'm learning to use gimp and pencil animation.